Atkinson Action Horses

Atkinson Action Horses

Atkinson Action Horses have spent the past twenty years training horses and riders for Film & TV supplying:

  • Horse masters and horses for lead actors
  • Stunt training for actors and horses
  • Bespoke tricks & and handpicked riders

Atkinson Action Horses always pride themselves on being ready and prepared for any task at hand!

Most recently the team has worked on productions such as: Poldark, Victoria, Peaky Blinders, The Living and the Dead & Hippopotamus.

Now for 2019 the fearless team of stunt riders are taking their unique display on a tour all around the UK – so make sure you don’t miss out when Atkinson Action Horses appear at an event near you!

Get ready for a display of tricks and stunts normally reserved for only TV and the Big Screen.  All in front of your very eyes. Tricks/stunts include: Roman Riding, Drags, Falls, Pick Ups, Horses Rearing and Laying Down. There are true heart in mouth moments as the riders express themselves with astounding acrobatics.

The action packed show is choreographed by legendary director Chuck Mahone. The Show also include a short but stunning Liberty section and is linked together by the teams own commentator.