Kangaroos Gymnastics

The Kangaroos Display Team prides itself on its ability to produce a display to fit any requirements, in both gymnastics and trampolining. Normally the team performs two types of Displays:

This Display consists of a series of 7 increasingly difficult and more spectacular moves with over 200 somersaults including many doubles, and if conditions are right, some triple somersaults (not performed by any other team in the U.K.). The highlights of the Display are multiple somersaults over a car, motorcycles or sometimes the bucket of a J C B, and the final ‘Big Move’ which is the longest, highest and most spectacular Vaulting move performed possibly anywhere in the world.

This Display is based on a classic Victorian theme. It includes Victorian clad Gymnasts, a ‘Gentleman’, two Cricketers, a Robber and a Policeman, who are all involved eventually in a classic chase. This display has many exciting, spectacular and very dangerous vaults and somersaults and its climax is the Gymnasts performing double somersaults over the others sitting on top of a vaulting box!

Please see below for a short video clip.