White Helmets

Recognised by many as the best in the world the Royal Signals Motorcycle Display Team has been performing for over 80 years.

The Team continue to provide the main arena attraction at events throughout the country and abroad with their combination of high speed action and feats of skill and bravery.

When the 30 hand built British Triumph motorcycles roar into life at the beginning of the show it is a beacon to all spectators that they are about to witness a modern marvel.

Gleaming in the sun these machines carry the riders, in their immaculate dress uniforms, through a heart stopping display of up to 35 minutes.  This has always proved to be a crowd puller. The audience will be left breathless by the rides as man and machine pass within millimetres of each other at closing speeds of up to 80 mph.

They will be amazed with the feats of skill and balance as the riders control their machines from the top of a ladder or in reverse and sometimes both.